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  • Yu Y, Khern-am-nuai W, Pinsonneault A, Wei Z (2023) The impacts of social interactions and peer evaluations on online review platforms. Journal of Management Information Systems 40(4): 1271-1300. Journal Link
  • Liang S, Law R, Wei Z, Ye Q (2023) Effects of reputation on guest satisfaction: From the perspective of two-sided reviews on Airbnb. International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management 35(10): 3718-3736. Journal Link
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  • Wei Z, Lin M (2017) Market mechanisms in online peer-to-peer lending. Management Science 63(12): 4236-4257. Journal Link Media Report

Awards & Grants


  • Krannert STAR Supplement Grant, 2022, 2023
  • INFORMS Information Systems Society Sandra A. Slaughter Early Career Award, 2022
  • Krannert Faculty Fellow Award, 2022
  • Runner-Up for the Best Paper Award, Conference on Information Systems and Technology (CIST), 2022
  • Management Science Meritorious Service Award, 2020
  • Marketing Science Institute (MSI) Grant, 2019
  • Best Paper Award, 11th China Summer Workshop on Information Management (CSWIM), 2017
  • Nominee for the Best Paper Award, CIST, 2015


Purdue University:

  • MGMT 59000: Visual Analytics, 2023-24
  • MGMT 47900: Data Visualization, 2023-24
  • A Short Course on Data Visualization: Purdue Technical Management Institute, 2023-24
  • MGMT 58800: VBA Programming, 2017-23
  • MGMT 38200: Management Information Systems, 2015, 2017-20, 2022-23
  • MGMT 69000: Empirical Methods (Causal Inference), 2015, 2017, 2020, 2022
  • MGMT 58800W: Business Insights with Spreadsheets and Macro Programming (Weekend MBA), 2018-21

University of Arizona:

  • Guest lectures: MIS 611A Design Science Research Methodologies (PhD), 2014-15
  • ECON 361: Intermediate Microeconomics (Undergrad core), 2013